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Soprano Cornet



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Josh Smith

Solo Cornet 


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Joan Whittaker

Solo Cornet

Joan started playing the cornet at the age of 5, taught by her dad. Besides playing in school bands she also joined Crystal Palace Band in London. At University she continued to play and, in 2011, with her dad, Ian, came to play with CTB where she now plays Solo cornet. A Primary School teacher, she became Child Protection Officer for the Band in 2012.

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Solo Cornet


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Position Vacant
Solo Cornet

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Repiano Cornet

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Marion Veal
2rd Cornet

Marion began piano lessons when she was five and continued until she was fifteen years old.   In 1998, wanting to learn a brass instrument, she went to Callington Training Band, where the Musical Director taught her a few notes on the cornet and she joined the band.  She now play 2nd cornet and says, `I enjoy it very much and I hope to continue playing for as long as possible.`  

Annette Williams
2nd cornet

After moving to Lancashire Annette received a trumpet from her grandparents for her 10th birthday and subsequently joined Ulverston Town Band.  Several years later, back in Cornwall, a love of Big Band music developed whilst a member of Ramon Hale and, later, Swing South West.  Annette is a Founder Member and former secretary of CTB.  Having left to raise two musical sons she has now returned to play 2nd cornet.

Jessica Brown
2nd Cornet
  In 2011 Jessica started to play the cornet in the Training Band under the tuition of Bill Leith and is now their Solo cornet.  She plays 2nd cornet in the Main Band as well as playing for her school.  Her music teacher is Murray Campbell and this year she successfully passed her Grade 4 exam.  She is soon going to learn to play the cello.

Linda Trebilcock

3nd Cornet

Linda began learning to play the trumpet when she became 50 as she wanted to do something totally different.  Eventually she wanted to play in a band and she joined Callington as it is where she grew up.  She now plays 3rd cornet and says she still struggles to keep in time but the band is ever encouraging.


Position Vacant
3rd Cornet 


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Claire Blaze
At 8 Claire learned to play the Bb cornet, later joining Stannary Brass Band.  She moved to flugel at her teacher`s suggestion playing for 18 months until illness forced her to stop.  She did not play again for three years.  Friends in the Secondary School bands persuaded her to come to Callington Town Band .  She says, `I`m so glad I did and I have been with them since 2002`

Cynthia Palmer

Solo Horn

Cynthia played the baritone in the Salvation Army Young People's Band for a short while.  Moving to Callington years later, and hearing the Town Band playing Christmas Carols, she joined the Training Band and was given a tenor horn to try out.  With some friendly encouragement, and much practice, she graduated to the Main Band which she is very much enjoying being part of.  She is currently (2016) Band Librarian.


Anne Luxton
1st Horn
At 8 Anne was taught to play euphonium.  Much later, demobbed from the Regular Army, she worked at HMP Dartmoor joining the staff band playing tenor horn.  She joined Tavistock Brass and also played in the Prison Service National Staff Band.  She joined Callington Town Band playing solo/1st horn and enjoyed trips abroad with them.  She also plays with the S.A. Divisional Area Fellowship Band which rehearses in Bristol.

Ruth Memory
2nd Horn

In her 30's Ruth joined the Training Section of Tavistock Town Band learning the cornet.  Transferring to tenor horn she played with Dartmoor Prison Service National Staff Band, later with Wells City and, back in Tavistock, with the newly-formed Stannary Brass.  First playing with Callington in 2000, she became a permanent member in 2007.  She now plays 2nd horn for both Stannary and Callington.  

Linda Venning
1st Baritone

Linda started playing the piano at 9 years old.  At fourteen she was taught to play the trombone by Frank Moore, becoming a member of St Agnes Silver Band and the Cornwall Youth Brass Band.  She stopped playing when she left school but began again in 2008 when she joined Callington Town Band as 1st trombone.  Wanting a new challenge she changed instruments and  now enjoys being their 1st baritone.


Shirley Morse
2nd Baritone
A Primary School teacher for many years Shirley had been a keen supporter of brass bands since her teens.  Having tried to play many instruments - all with limited success - during retirement she took her grand-daughter to CTB training band and was persuaded to `have a go` herself.  She has played 2nd baritone since 2003, was Band Chairman for four years, and is currently (2016) Band Secretary.


Bill Leith
Solo Euphonium

Born in Aberdeen Bill began playing the trumpet while at school, then had an impressive career as an Army Bandsman with the Gordon Highlanders, Royal Artillery Mounted Band and Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Band.  Retiring to Cornwall in 2002 he joined CTB as Solo Cornet, later becoming  Bandmaster and Training Band conductor.  He became Main Band MD in 2009, stepping down in 2014 to concentrate on playing and arranging for the band.


David Wixon
   After a Royal Navy career David returned to Devon to mow the lawn and sing in St Eustachius choir.  He once strummed a bass in a Jazz band.  Having envied a Royal Marines tuba player one Remembrance Sunday he took up the euphonium as a challenge in his 70`s.  A full member of the Training Band he appreciates the warm welcome he is given  to sit in with the 'seniors'.


Eleanor Brown
1st Trombone
Eleanor joined the Training Band in 2008 at the age of 8 and still helps with it as she feels this helps her achieve a higher standard of playing for the Main Band and she successfully regularly takes Grade exams. Playing in the Band allows her to express herself in a way that other things could not. It has also built up her confidence and she has made many friends.  
Graeme Ugle
2nd Trombone
Position Vacant
Bass Trombone

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John Jenkins
Eb Bass
John joined Corsham Town Band in 1953, aged 10, playing tenor horn. Over the next 16 years he played baritone, euphonium and Bb bass and contested many times. With the MOD he moved to Cornwall joining Devonport Volunteer Band playing baritone. When Callington Town Council resurrected the Town Band in 1996 he joined and has played euphonium and Eb bass. John was the only Founder Member of the current band until Annette re-joined (2015).
Carolyn Whittaker
Eb Bass
Position Vacant

Bb Bass

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Position Vacant
Bb Bass

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Rod Abbiss

While a teenager Rod joined the Hastings Corps of Drums as a side-drummer (and bugler!).  Around the same time he was taught Orchestral Percussion and for about two years played semi-professionally in a dance trio at weddings, etc.  Work commitments forced him to move from the Hastings area and, some 40 years later, he moved to Cornwall, came out of musical `retirement` in 2015, and joined the Town Band.

Position Vacant
2nd Percussion




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